Edgy Cities Exhibition at World Museum


Cities on the Edge
New photography exhibition opens at World Museum Liverpool
May 31 – June 27 2008

A new photography exhibition opened this weekend at World Museum Liverpool marking Liverpool’s port city status as a ‘city on the edge’.

Edgy Cities: Take a Look on the Westside is the creation of Steve Higginson and Tony Wailey authors of the book Edgy Cities, which explores Liverpool as a city on the ‘edge’ both geographically and culturally.

Running until 27 June the new exhibition seeks to display this concept visually by using the works of local photographer John Lafferty to depict the ‘river and rhythm’ city, ever-changing on the edge of an ever-moving river.

The unique collection represents the city as a place and space constantly on the move where dreams, hope, imagination and reality co-exist. It’s a city where people always have an ‘edge’ whatever walk of life they come from and however long they have chosen to make Liverpool their home.


Edgy Cities relates to both imagination and reality, exploring the space in between by allowing its visitors to view the city’s ever changing shoreline and skyline where past, present and future meet in the images of everyday life.

World Museum Liverpool