Edge Hill Pavilion Opens


The second of the Biennial Pavilions opened today with various activities but last night (Friday) there was an official launch / PV thing with speeches from the usual people and Jude Kelly OBE the founder of Metal the organisation based in Kensington responsible for this project at Edge Hill station.

winston-glory.jpgIt was raining for a while but not enough to spoil this mostly outdoor event and there was a beautiful rainbow anyway.

This is where Al & Al have been for the past 18 months creating their Eternal Youth work that is now on show at FACT. We were surprised at how small the studio space is, its also VERY blue!
We took a picture of Phil McHugh who is also now known as Winston Glory, he’s standing in front of an artwork of his own and growling ‘Get out of my nightmare spiritman’. You need to see the film to understand that. There’s a trailer here

In the upstairs room is another very blue room but the walls are half covered with pages of illustrations from ‘The Invisibles‘ graphic novels of Grant Morrison which I assume is one of the inspirations for Al & Al’s work.

Its great to see these old historic buildings being cared for and put to good use – handy for the trains too, though very few actually stop here.

jude_kelly.jpg blue-studio.jpg