Edge Hill Pavilion Opening – Part 2


So we returned to the Edge Hill Pavilion for the station platform party on Saturday and had a good time – food and drink, music, performers of various types, a few artists mostly encouraging the kids to join in and adults joining in the african drumming lessons.
The Liver birds had come down from the Liver building for the day to entertain the visitors and you could make your own badges.

The highlight for me was the Bootworks Theatre Collective. A cast of 6 actors perform a shortened version of a well-known film in front of a darkened booth containing an audience of one. The booth has surround sound for the music and three ‘screens’ which are really small flaps which are lifted at different times for the viewer to watch a different scene.
Its not easy to describe but hilarious to watch and very clever indeed. Yesterday they were performing ‘Un Boite Andalou’ – their version of ‘Un Chien Andalou’

You can watch a video of this and more information on their website.

The Edge Hill pavilion is now open Wednesday to Saturday 11.00 – 16.00 (or by appointment) and there is a programme of events including films on Friday evenings chosen by Al & Al.


edge-hill-1.jpg edge-hill-2.jpg


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