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Dollman Disco – ‘Ticket To Love’ Review


Dollman Disco, ‘Ticket to Love … an Epic Journey from Liverpool to Manchester … Taking in many Hotspots’.
Written by Tony Knox (Edited by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney).
Photographs by Tony Knox.
07 April 2007.

On Thursday 5th April, it was advertised as ‘Ticket to Love’ and ‘an epic journey from Liverpool to Manchester … taking in many hotspots’. He did not fail and delivered everything it promised … Dollman!

This Dollman event, conceived, managed and directed by Gary Sollars, took on a new twist. Formerly presented in the social context of the Liverpool city night scene of the Vines and the alternative platform of Walk the Plank Theatre Production Boat. This time there was a new and innovative development. Dollman was presented on a double-decker bus and migrated from Liverpool to Manchester.

The bus was adorned and decorated with glitz of Dollman and the usual impetus of ‘fun’ ensued. The guests were greeted by the bus conductor, black suit and hat with Dollman over the peak. The music specially mixed by Sollars, under the alter ego, of Dollman filled the bus. The guests heartily sang along. Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, under the premise of bunny girl, gave out pork scratchings and candy during the journey.

The first destination was Green Room in Manchester. Everyone clambered off the bus, a hive of energy and enthusiasm. Sollars mingled as Dollman amongst the crowd and as host introduced ‘Diva Hollywood’ (artist Dorrie Halliday), who danced burlesque for the crowd. In a rapture of applause, Halliday graciously departed.

The next stop was the Paddy’s Goose. An array of performances followed. Sollars and Sean Kenny sung their hearts out beckoning the crowd. Kitty O’Shea (artist Catherine Shea) presented her extraordinary renditions. The crowd eagerly joined into the sing-a-longs, applauded eagerly for more. The Dollman entourage moved onto another club, where they danced and enjoyed themselves.

The time came to return to Liverpool. On the journey back more games followed. Pass the parcel and more. As always, Dollman was a crescendo of merriment and escapism.

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Sollars is currently part of a group exhibition, ‘Fellow Travellers’ at Salford Museum (Manchester), which runs until 25 May 2007. More information is available at: