Does my Head Look Big in This?

Britain’s 50 Best Dressed Men Photographic exhibition at the Conservation Centre until Feb 20th Best Dressed!? Liam Gallagher in his anorak! Robbie Williams in an a leather suit! Give me a break. Yes, I’m bitter. I’ve invested tens of pounds on Marks & Spencers’ jeans and tops and didn’t even make it on to the shortlist. It seems that to qualify you also have to be famous.

Actually these pictures have more to do with celebrity than fashion. Some portraits you don’t see what they’re wearing, Roger Moore wears a black bow tie, George Best rides a red (girls) bike when he was banned from driving, the Rolling Stones during their blousey, dandy period wearing jackets with lapels that need a very wide-angle lens to capture.

Seriously though, there’s a lot of good photography here, it is organised by GQ magazine and Getty Images Gallery. I’m going to organise my own exhibition of best dressed men on a £50 budget.


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