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‘Diherent’ – Wirral Met Student Exhibition

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‘Diherent’ – a first public exhibition by Wirral Met College Fine Art BA (Hons) 2nd year students. At Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead..

March 7 to 17 2007

So Liverpool lost but still won, isn’t football great. I’ve been a red since I was about 7 years old but tonight was the first time I have ever watched a football match in a pub. We’d promised to keep a visiting fan company in Pogue Mahones so it meant we could not spend a lot of time studying all the pieces in this exhibition.

I saw enough to be very impressed though as I remember I was with last years efforts by the 2nd years in the same venue.
Take care though, there’s a few tripping hazards and I don’t just mean the ancient tramrails in this place that’s a sort of tram museum as well as concert venue. There’s a giant turtle on a bed of sand and a couple of giant trees, one made out of, well, a tree and the other from curly cardboard.

The exhibition was opened by Geoff Yeomans, an established artist for many years who grew up in Birkenhead but is now based in Wales.

This group is so efficient too, not only did they send us lots of info and invites, they also have a very nice website. So I was able to steal the full list of artists from there. There’s 36 of them..

Alan Boult, Alina Vila, Bob Cousins, Chris Wilson, Claire Clements, Craig Mackintosh, Deborah Black, Denise Griggs, Emma Worth, Evelyn Stinson, George Evans, Gillian Adams, Greg Knight, Jade Murphy, Jayne Livesey, Jeni McConnell, Jennie Marsden, Joanne Janvier, Judith Hill, Laura Catterall, Leanne Adams, Lee Killeen, Liz Rogers, Louise Boyce, Margaret Evans , Marjorie Clarke, Nicky Calvert, Paula Hampson , Russ Cottrell, Sally Taylor, Sarah Wills, Suzanne Armer, Tracey Williams, Trevor Jones, Violet Woods, Wendy McGregor.

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