‘Denique’ HND Show at The Bridewell


Bill Drummond a.k.a. Penkiln Burn the artist and musician (KLF etc.) opened the Liverpool Community College HND Fine Arts Show at the Bridewell Studios last week. He gave a very entertaining talk about how he got into Liverpool art college and was taught to ‘See’ rather than just ‘Look’ and his recent participation in the Liverpool Centre of The Creative Universe exhibition at Tate where the river police stopped him launching these large paper boats into the Mersey as they might be a ‘Danger to Shipping’.

A good selection of artwork from this small group.
VENUE: Bridewell Studios Gallery, Prescot Street, Liverpool
EXHIBITION OPEN: 6th- 14th June 2007 12-17.00 (closed Sunday)
CONTACT: Gallery Coordinator Vanessa Bartlett 0781 062 7763

The Group Denique meaning “last of an era