Decomposition by Soup at CUC

A very nice exhibition by the Soup Collective at the Contemporary Urban Centre opened tonight. The members of Soup are all artists who work in various roles at Tate Liverpool so they should know a thing or two about art. Some thought-provoking works and a good selection of different media.

There are also four drop-in workshops run by artists from the show.

Exhibiting Artists: Mike Aitken, Steve Ashton, Katie Halsall, Rachel Harding, Anna Hamilton, Tifany Kendall, Jackie Kerr, Vinnie Lavell, Joe McNulty, Louise Morgan, Jason Richardson, Alice Roberts, Sue Sharples, Roger Sinek, Nick Sykes, Christine Taylor, Roz Vallejo, Adam Vaughan, Louise Waller, Wendy Williams

C.U.C. – Decomposition –  A visual art exhibition from artists collective, ‘Soup’
20 August – 30 August 2009

Saturday 22nd August is Jackie Kerr’s “Mapping” Workshop,
MAPPING an interactive session where visitors can create 2D representations of their home, favourite dwelling or important space onto a larger floor map using collage and drawing materials.
-all ages welcome but they must be under adult supervision.

Sunday 23rd August is Loise Waller’s “improve a pot” Workshop
A small selection of my old pots, slight seconds and prototypes will be displayed with an invitation to improve them. Acrylic paint and brushes will be provided for people who can select a pot, paint it and if they want to take it home with them afterwards they can pay £2 and it is theirs. Alternatively visitors can opt to “rescue a pot” pay £2 and take it away unscathed. under 12’s must be assisted by an adult.

Tuesday 25th August is Sue Sharples ‘In the Footsteps of Michelangelo’
– explore the ancient technique of ‘Pouncing’ used to reproduce drawings and designs.
Health and Safety – Not available to children as sharp implements (pins) are used.

Thursday 27th August is Alice Roberts “Collage” Workshop
Create collages in 2d or 3d using Alice’s assortment of collected collage materials, lots of PVA and sellotape!



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