Debbie Ryan – To Infinity and Beyond


Debbie Ryan – ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ in the Foyer Gallery at Novas CUC 27 March – 17 May 2009

A very interesting exhibition of Debbie’s mosaic works. She seems to spend a lot her time reading books about evolution, the cosmos, Gaia etc. and the rest of her time creating works inspired by these thoughts and theories.

To quote from her own website…

Debbie creates forms using inspiration from a spectrum of scale, from atoms to lizards, to stars and planets.Her particular interest is in exploring the intertwined connections fundamental in all forms of life and existence.

“I feel it is important for the individual to see them self in relation to the greater universe; where we and every element or organism fits to contribute to the whole”.


The materials she uses reflect the variety and vibrancy of nature, often using indulgently bright and decorative forms.  Debbie uses techniques of mosaic making to create, as she feels it gives her work a sense of permanence. Each tile is hand cut, and fitted into place, creating a collective form from a lone beginning.

The gallery is on the ground floor, well worth a visit on your way to see the Liverpool Art Prize exhibition on the 3rd floor 🙂