David Hoyle at Egg Cafe

David Hoyle at Eggspace

Had a great time at Egg cafe yesterday. As part of Homotopia 2005, David Hoyle, the artist formerly known as The Divine David entertained a packed-out Eggspace.
The event was titled ‘The Alternative Sunday School’, cucumber sandwiches and scones were provided. With some dreadful Paul Anka singing on the hi-fi, David painted some murals, read some words of wisdom from Robbie Fowler’s autobiography, sang some songs and said some very funny, sometimes naughty and also serious things. It was all very entertaining.
He even painted a picture of Minako and Me! I’ve never had my portrait in an exhibition before and never imagined it would happen in a show celebrating queerness.

David Hoyle’s artwork should be on display at Eggspace until November 14th 2005