Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Cubism and its Legacy

The Gift of Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler

at Liverpool Tate.
Another new exhibition running until May 2005, this celebrates Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler’s gift to Tate of works of art by important modern international artists including Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger, Juan Gris and André Masson. Although having already been seen in part at Tate Modern this year, the display has been expanded for Tate Liverpool.

Can’t quite make up my mind about Cubism or any ‘ism really. Some I like and some I don’t but the overall effect seemed a bit gloomy. Not keen on Braque’s ‘Billiard Table’ which looks terribley vandalised but I do like his charcoal still lifes. There’s Picassos a plenty but I prefer the Andre Masson works. There’s also a few Henry Moore maquettes.