Crosby – ‘Another Place’


I never realised before that there was such an extensive beach at Crosby. Its that long stretch that everyone ignores as they head for Freshfield/Formby/Southport. Despite the fact that its not a bathing/paddling/ swimming/kite-boarding/ surfing/any fun at all beach, the dangerous mud banks, the noise of the container freeport and the unleashed dogs, its actually quite nice. And now there’s a reason to visit as Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ has been installed and will be there until November 2006 before moving on to New York.
There’s 100 life size casts of the artist spread over a huge area of the beach, some get completely or partially submerged when the tide is high. I was there early this morning at low-tide and before the sun was at its hottest, a lovely summer’s morning. I started from the carpark near the Marina and walked up as far as Crosby baths, a good place for a break before walking back.
Its one of those things you just have to go and see before it goes.
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