Crazy Golf at Polished T

mark mcnultyPolished T have opened up a new place on Parr St., shame its not Par St as they have installed a full nine-hole crazy golf course which the public are invited to play on for £1.50 a go. while you’re there take a look at the prints on the walls by photographer Mark McNulty.
Mark (pictured here) has travelled all over the country to photograph over 40 crazy or mini or adventure golf courses and has produced a book from the results called ‘Rocketships and Windmills’ which you can be from the gallery for £9.99. Its a nice little book, examples of British eccentricity, some nostalgia, typical coastal resort entertainment etc.
I had a quick go on the 7th hole at the launch party on Thursday, I think I’d still be there now if I hadn’t cheated.
I’m definitely going back for a full round before it finishes on December 24th.