Craig Atkinson at Cornerstone

craig atkinsonFooled again, a large crowd at the Cornerstone last night but, alas, not there to see Craig Atkinson’s exhibition ‘Please hold the line’. Willy Russell was there to give a talk as part of the Cornerstone Festival, he was stood in a corner of the gallery for a while (that’s where the bar is) but he didn’t take time out to have a look round. If he had he might have been able to quote from Craig’s statement.
“The lo-fi, lo-cost, clumsily precise functionless drawings that result are full of imperfections, unintentionally undermining and parodying the design and engineering that went into the objects production. Displayed in a gallery or on a t-shirt (for example) the drawings themselves take on the role of a desirable object or icon, making paradoxical the whole situation.”
The show is a sort of 10 year retrospective, the work changes significantly over the years with far more drawings and mixed media in the most recent works which I particularly like.
Runs at the Cornerstone until January 13th 2006.


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