Contemporary Urban Centre unveils original art by RichT

'Russian Dolls' Mural by RichT
'Russian Dolls' Mural by RichT

LIVERPOOL’S Contemporary Urban Centre, the multipurpose venue for art, culture and social enterprise has unveiled an original art work by Bristol-based street artist RichT.

The large scale work covers the entire back wall of the Contemporary Urban Centre’s relaunched cafe, and features the signature Russian Doll characters that RichT has often painted in the past.

The artwork sees RichT move away from the spray can roots, working with emulsion and brushes to allow the artist to incorporate greater detail.  The layers of block colour also allow RichT to change up his signature Russian Doll characters, adding in details of playing cards, with brush work helping to create denser patterns.

RichT is not an anonymous artist but he does not use his real name in the public realm. Seven years ago he moved from Devon to Bristol to go to art college, but dropped out and started painting. He had always drawn, in sketchbooks and on pads, but the scene in Bristol inspired him to start painting. When he met like-minded people he began to create street art, and this community of supportive artists became the street collective called ‘WHAT’.

He creates work for himself as well as for other artists and uses influences from his city or the environments surrounding him. When he sees something good he wants to do it better, so there is a definite competitive edge to the work. He is not always conscious of any particular audience but sees the art as quite far reaching, and is always mindful of those who ask for advice and have questions.

RichT says of work at Liverpool’s Contemporary Urban Centre:

“It is always satisfying to work with emulsion and brushes on a big, indoor wall and I’m really happy with the detail in this piece, as well as the colour scheme.

“There’s not a massive street art scene in Liverpool, which means there is lots of empty wallspace, so I would love to come back and work in the city again. It’s really exciting.”


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