‘Constant Garden’ at Casa de Brujas

Jon Pountain


squat-logo-150I love Jon Pountain’s recreation of Vermeer’s studio in the Casa de Brujas – the former Big Issue building on Duke Street. Also his pastels and drawings are excellent. Nick Williams is showing some new paintings as well which are well worth studying.

Other artists include Mm Bocanegra, Parabhen Lad and Laura Spark.

When we went to the opening last month the Constant Garden had not really got started, hopefully its well under way now, will have to go and take a look.

During Mariela Bocanegra’s time living in Parisian art squats, she was struck by the practice of locking up many of the city-centre parks at night. These are useful spaces, as much in the night as in the day. Guards patrol every evening: blowing whistles, get out, they are saying, the public has now become private.

For The Constant Garden Bocanegra works with a group of artists to create one of these public/private gardens. By day the public will be able to bring their packed lunches and relax in this new space. They are encouraged to contribute to and work on the garden, helping it grow. By night, contrary to the gardens in Paris, you are encouraged to return, roam and discover who else is sharing your nocturnal adventure.

Jon Pountain
Jon Pountain
Nick Williams
Nick Williams


  1. hi, thanks for comming, i am sure if you came in to the brujas house it has allready started , come again, will be glad to recieve you again,regards la bruja


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