Cityscape-s at Renew Rooms


Nice review of the cityscape-s exhibition at the Renew Rooms in the Echo by Joe Riley.

The exhibition ends on Friday 22 August 2008.

THERE’S no one view of Liverpool, either physically, or in any other sense.

The Cityscape-s show, curated by Rob Macdonald, lecturer in architecture at Liverpool John Moores University, arrives as an alternative to artist Ben Johnson’s 2008 commissioned vista of the city, hung in the Walker Gallery.

There is no feeling of over-competitiveness. Johnson, the international master of cityscape, opened this exhibition, in which university staff, alumni, and post-graduates working as artists and architects, offer an expansion of the formula.


Whereas Ben Johnson’s picture is a single wide panorama from a mid-air vantage point, this miscellany is at street level. It’s set among the building workers and cranes which have given Liverpool its biggest renaissance since the Victorian and Edwardian grandees, who genuinely believed they were the British successors to the merchant princes of Florence.