As well as the great many paintings, sculptures and jewellery at the Liverpool Academy of Arts there is the irresistible rocking horse. Well, Minako couldn’t resist the temptation for a ride anyway, it’s about the right size for her! It’s beautifully made.

It’s a good mixed show with over 150 original works – always a good Christmas present.

Christmas Exhibition 2010 at Liverpool Academy of Arts
23 November – 9 December 2010

The back room is full of Len Ehlen paintings – lots of John Lennon portraits but also many others, some quite surreal ones based on Alice in Wonderland and landscapes. He’s clearing out his studio so many of the works are greatly reduced –  there are bargains to be had. The artist is there during the show working on new paintings and is happy to have a chat.

Len Ehlen and John Lennon
Len Ehlen and John Lennon





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