Chinatown My Chinatown at the Black-E


This interesting sound installation in the Black-E ends at 14.00 today. Make sure to pick up a copy of the free newspaper featuring artwork by various local artists.

Chinatown My Chinatown
5 – 11 February 11.00 – 16.00 (ends 14.00 Friday)
The Sound Agents are an artist
led not for profit arts organisation founded by John J.Campbell and Moira Kenny. The Sound Agents are holding an exhibition for Chinese New Year in the Dome of the Black-E in Chinatown Great George Street Liverpool.

The City of Liverpool has financed the project to celebrate the success of the Shanghai Expo.

An immersive sound work entitled Chinatown my Chinatown created by Mr Campbell and Ms Kenny will be presented in the Dome. A rich sonic mix of morse code, ambient shipping sounds, unicorn music, spoken word and Buddha machine. Chinatown my Chinatown is arranged and produced by Mr John J. Campbell.

The event will include a Sedan Chair and a Chinese Unicorn on loan from Mr Colin Wan UK Chinese Unicorn Arts Academy and a lucky rabbit. To complete the celebration the Dome will be lit with Disco lights. The audience will be sonically transported to explore reflections and observations of dreams lost and found in Chinatown.


LJMU are sponsoring the event and have financed the production and print of 6000 copies of a special edition newspaper entitled Chinatown my Chinatown. Mr Campbell and Ms Kenny extended the invitation to celebrate the success of the Shanghai Expo to researchers, artists and musicians.