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‘Changing Eight’ at Cornerstone

c. Tim Ellis‘Changing Eight’ at Hope University’s Cornerstone Art Gallery is a collection of eight contrasting artists, the line up of whom will change every year. The artists for 2005 are Anna Benson, Frank Moore, Tim Ellis, Nick Sykes, Steve Strode, Susan Massey, Craig Atkinson and Richard Meaghan.
It is the Cornerstone’s first step in planning for Capital of Culture 2008 and after. Each year eight artists will be invited to exhibit, some established some newly emerging, creating a fresh and interesting and reflective balance of practicing artists today.
I called in briefly on Thursday evening, I like the mix of styles, as always here they are well presented. Pictured here are 2 of Tim Ellis’s works. He says “The series of paintings form part of a body of work that explore the possibilities and impossibilities of a manipulated image.”
Runs until Friday October 28th 2005

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