Changing 8 and Extended at Cornerstone

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One of our busiest Thursday evenings ever, we started at Cornerstone at 17.00 an hour before official opening to be sure we had enough time to then go to Renew Rooms (The World in One School), Utility (People Will Always Need Plates launch), Gostins (Anthony & Nathan Pendlebury), the Beatles Story (Backstage at CBS) and finishing at the Egg (Away with the Faeries) after 22.00 just in time to have a late dinner.

There are two shows at CornerstoneChanging Eight 2008 is the fourth in the annual exhibitions curated by Cornerstone’s Gallery Manager Jason Jones and ‘Extended‘ is an exhibition of contemporary Swedish Jewellery produced by the Swedish Institute and curated by Asa Lockner and Anna Liven-West.

Changing Eight, as always, is a very good mix of established and emerging artists. I particularly like Blaise Drummond’s landscapes hinting at dark and secretive happenings and Walter Steinberg’s colourful monoprints which look like crayonings. Sarah Richards recent works are smaller and more abstract than what I saw of her earlier work but John Davies black & white photographs from the ’80s are instantly recognisable as his style.
Also featured are Tim Dolphin, Jason Green, Geoff Molyneux and Bill Orobiej.

The ‘Extended’ jewellery is on display in three cabinets on the ground floor and is fascinating stuff, more artistic statement than practical. Designs influenced by nature and household objects such as old radiators!
Feature the works of Pia Aleborg, Anna Atterling, Ann-Marie Bernard Gomez, Sofia Björkman, Henrik Brandt, Klara Eriksson, Petronella Eriksson, Castello Hansen, Agnieszka Knap, Caroline Lindholm, Mirjam Norinder, Helena Sandström, Charlotte Sinding, Ulrika Swärd and Erik Tidäng.

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