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Carol Traynor and Lyn Ben Yousef at Blackburne House

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I think this exhibition finishes on Wednesday February 28 2007 in the Cafe and Conservatory of Blackburne House but as usual the two local print-makers have put on an excellent show.
There’s some really good images. I’m starting to appreciate the results of print-making more and more thanks mainly to the Bluecoat printmakers who are currently based at 68 Hope Street.

Lynn Ben-Yousef is a self taught artist, who after many years of figurative painting, naturally began to experiment with both medium and technique. Her work is based on land, environmental and spiritual issues in landscape, and her emotional response to landscape, and peoples place in it.

She is inspired by what she sees around her and uses natural materials & found objects in her work. She enjoys both the sculptural (collagraphs) and mark making qualities of printmaking. The process of printmaking, although labour intensive, is in its self, part of the emotional creativity of each piece.

Her work includes collagraphs, etchings, monoprints, screen prints and drypoint etching, frequently with more than one process layered upon another.

Carol Traynor has studied printmaking for 15 years and has exhibited throughout Lancashire and Liverpool. Her work includes mono prints, lino prints, and dry point etchings. She is very experimental and loves it when she discovers unplanned happy accidents of this wonderful art and the diverse effects that can be obtained. She enjoys recording in my own style the architecture and landscape of places both in this country and abroad.

Printmaking enables her to bring an abstract and contemporary view to her work with colour playing an important role, to illustrate this she uses a variety of media together with printmaking methods to bring depth, and form to her paintings.