‘Brothers in Arts’ – Frodsham


I haven’t been able to see this yet but I’ve heard good reports.

“Brothers in Arts”

The three Evans Brothers, all born in Barnet Street in the Wavertree area of Liverpool, are bringing about a unique circumstance in an amalgam of remarkable talents in the form of an art exhibition, all under one roof, at
Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham. From the 12th to 30th of January 2008.

Tony Evans, a sculptor of exceptional talent, who can put more life, grace and movement into his work than anybody I know, shows us another side of his many gifts with his wonderful paintings.
The two page spread in November’s 2007 edition of Cheshire Life Magazine is a well deserved tribute to him.

Dave Evans. Starting straight from Liverpool College of Art with John Moores, in their Littlewoods Studio, when only original art would do. Then going on to become their Art Director, who travelled extensively, directing photographic shoots for fashion, swimwear and lingerie. ( I suppose someone had to do it) has now returned to his love of painting.


Stan Evans, Started his working life for the Inland Revenue ( BOO) Lived in Greece for a time with his wife Jane, before coming home to become a tax advisor with private firms.
A very keen sportsman in football, running and golf, until a stroke cut short his physical activities.
It was his two brothers who persuaded him to take up painting. This awakened a latent talent and after never painted before, it has now become a passion.

Chris Enright, Liverpool based artist, will be joining the brothers Evans for this prestigious occasion straight from her exhibition at the Liverpool Academy of Art.
You should never miss a chance to see Chris’s work. Skill maybe common but talent is rare and here you will see one of the best artists in the North West.

Jim Connolly will be displaying a selection of his photographs that he hopes will delight and amuse. You should stop a while and read the captions that go with the prints, I’m sure they will make you smile.