Bravo for the Bra at Liverpool Academy of Arts

bravo-1.jpg bravo-2.jpg

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Its also 100 years since ‘brassiere’ became part of the English language, first appearing in Vogue in 1907.
So the latest exhibition at Liverpool Academy of Arts is all about the bra, is entitled ‘Bravo‘ and is in aid of the Lily Centre Breast Cancer Support Group.
There are bras everywhere, some made into other things, stapled to the walls, hanging from the ceiling and celebrity bras in a glass cabinet. There are some paintings as well – of bras or women in bras.
Certainly not high art but a bit of fun in a good cause.

It was appropriate then that after the Lord Mayor and Mrs Lord Mayor opened the exhibition there was a rendition of Lily The Pink by the Scaffold. John Gorman and Mike McCartney from the original group were joined by Brian McCann on keyboards. There should be a campaign to have that song re-recorded, the original was a Christmas No.1 in 1968.