‘Boxed In’ at Microzine

boxed inMicrozine opened its second UK store in Bold Street, Liverpool recently and its great to see that they exhibit and sell artwork by local as well as international artists.
What is Microzine? Here’s some blurb from their website..
Our concept store is based on a reality magazine format. Microzine is a haven for the aspiring male who will go to great lengths to surround themselves with rare and exclusive items. With new monthly content, microzine will show the latest newsworthy and desirable products appealing to the same audience as Arena, GQ, Esquire and Wallpaper magazines.

So, being an aspiring male myself, I obviously spend a lot of time there looking for desirable products with which to surround myself. Seriously though, there is some nice stuff there, the gallery space is upstairs in a room with very high ceilings. Recently, local artist, Peter Chan had some of his work there and until November 27th there is an exhibition of graf art under the title ‘Boxed In’ which has been put together in collaboration with Aesthetix Arts Agency.

Aesthetix say ‘Graffiti art has been criticised on the basis of illegality, incoherence, and non standard presentation, thus its status as an art form is commonly overlooked. The objective of this exhibition is to show how graffiti art overcomes these concerns to be taken as creative works in their own right.’ I think it works quite well, I’m certainly no fan of most of the dawbings we see on the city centre walls but this is more arty. They may still use spray paint but being limited to canvas that will hang in a gallery seems to help focus the mind.

The artists are Ian Town, Sophie Backhouse, Sinew, Barney Francis and Bref
At Microzine Bold St until November 27th 2005, the exhibition space is managed by Jackie Dunning