Bob Iddon and others at the Kif

The work of 3 artists on show at the Kif is a strange mix of styles and types, there’s no overall theme. But hey, this is the Kif where anarchy rules, he-he.
There are photographs by Bob Iddon who is an experienced local photographer of live events and local views. I think these were all taken at the recent G8 summit, or rather, the nearby demonstrations. So we have the police looking dark and menacing all lined up in their riot gear and opposing them there are the brightly coloured, hippy-like, soft-and-cuddly, peace-loving demonstrators. Hmm, i think I can guess where Bob’s coming from.
Domo Zone‘s paintings mostly fall into 2 styles. There’s the ones with the paint laid on thick then scratched but only lightly and in several hundred small strokes. The other type has the vertical stripes of acrylic paint which are so watery they are transparent and the brush strokes become a feature.
Then there’s James Pagella‘s small sketches for recent posters, flyers, cd covers etc. for bands such as Bexy Sitch, Pop Levi and his own band Zukanican. All in James’ style which regular visitors to Kif will recognise.
Runs until October 14th 2005


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