Blackburne House Mystery

I’m told its nice to sit outside the Quarter cafe on a lovely summer’s day like today. But every time I go past all the tables are taken, fortunately the excellent Blackburne House cafe, directly opposite, usually has room on their terrace. So I had my coffee and did the crossword and took this picture of the blue sky over Hope St then took a look at the artwork.
There are some interesting paintings in the Conservatory such as the ones I’ve photo’d here but I’ve no idea who they are by, there was no information.
In the corridor area there are Leila Romaya’s photographs of Italian scenes.
In the cafe there are some new paintngs but again I have no details other than its obviously a group show. I jotted down a few names such as Kenny Ashton, Edward Bolland, Michael Lawlor and Gladys Rogers.