Birthday Party for ‘Turning the Place Over’

Photo: Minako Jackson

Never mind the sculpture – look at the cake! A work of edible art complete with rotating section created by David’s Cakes of Distinction (located in Crosby).

Despite initially being a temporary public artwork until 2008, Richard Wilson’s Turning the Place Over is now in it’s 2nd year. To celebrate this, Liverpool Biennial threw a lovely birthday party this evening.

Launched in 2007 to international acclaim, this radical intervention into architecture is now an established icon of Liverpool’s extensive public art offer.

After speeches from Lewis Biggs of the Biennial and the artist Richard Wilson we queued to see inside the building. I didn’t video it this time but I did when we last went inside 2 years ago so you can watch that short video below if you haven’t already seen it. I believe there will be organised tours starting again from Saturday 27  June from the Visitor Information Centre (08 Place).

Artist Richard Wilson. Photo: Minako Jackson
Artist Richard Wilson. Photo: Minako Jackson


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