Birds of a Feather – Art at the Incubator

c. Joel Bird
c. Joel Bird

Here is a very nice exhibition which, sadly, very few of you will be able to see as its in the common room and corridors at 2Bio ltd within MerseyBio which is a very secure building on Liverpool University campus.

Its the latest in a series organised by Alison Roberts, art liaison officer there, hopefully these will eventually lead onto more shows in an area open to the public.

There are just the two artists, Anthony Smith and Joel Bird, they have different styles which offers an interesting contrast. I really like the realistic portrayals by Smith as well as Joel’s more expressive impressions.

Birds of a Feather
Anthony Smith and Joel Phelan
17 of July until 26 August 2009

Full details on the Art at the Incubator blog

c. Anthony Smith
c. Anthony Smith



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