‘Big’ at Patricks Bar

big c. Ben Zuhlcke dave watson

‘Big’ is an exhibition of recent photographs by Ben Zuhlcke at Patricks, 4-6 Victoria St. They are mostly bright colour photos of local body-builder and personal trainer Dave Watson in various settings, photos of Action Man amongst Christmas decorations and close-ups of sweets in shiney wrappers.
The opening on Saturday night was fun as Dave Watson showed off his muscles, the white wig was part of his Santa outfit. There was a belly dancer called Ishtar scheduled for later too but my own belly insisted I should go and eat somewhere so I missed that. The exhibitions and performances here are now organised by Helen Bryson of Somewhere In Between productions email somewhereinbetween@hotmail.co.uk for details.
Runs until end January 2006 (date tbc)