‘Big Art Project’ at Cathedral

big art projectbig art project

In the Anglican Cathedral is the BIG Art Project 2005 organised by Big Issue in the North and Liverpool CVS.
‘Art is For Everyone’
Yes, indeed! The project was established so homeless men and women could access art and take the opportunity to express themselves through a creative artistic medium. Art is offered not only as a communication tool but also as a therapy and welcome diversion from the mundane stressful existence that many homeless people lead.
Art workshops, gallery visits, walkabout art days and a street art film where amongst the activities and the results are on display here.
I was a bit spooked by the lifelike dummy in the sleeping bag (at least, I think its a dummy) but its good. There’s also plenty of info about the Big Issue and other projects.
I believe it finishes here on Wednesday 28th Sept Friday 30th Sept. but may be moving onto another venue.
UPDATE: It finishes at the Cathedral on Friday 30th. They are still looking for another venue and are also trying to raise more funds to continue the project which they believe has been a real success.
If you can help with ideas for venues or funding please contact Amanda Lynch at the Big Issue office on 0151 709 7030