Bed-In Party Revellers Break the Bed

All photos © Minako Jackson

After the Lennon Memorial unveiling it was onto the Bluecoat for more Lennon Peace related stuff as the first of 62 days of bed-in happenings was under way. Or it should have been, but in wonderfully chaotic scenes, the bed soon began to creak under the stress of several people dancing on it – today’s event was all dance-related you see.

But after technicians carried out repairs and reinforcements the party continued with visitors of all kinds joining in the fun.

The Lennons would have loved it I’m sure. In fact Yoko could be seen on the video screen sending a message of support for the project.

I think this should also have been on the new Bluecoat website being launched today but apparently that collapsed too so we’re stuck with old one for a little while longer.