Beatles Mankey Monkeys Go On Show at Blakes


The Mankey Monkeys are now complete and being distributed around the city.

Some of the first to go on display are the Beatles monkeys looking remarkably similar to the fab four as they appeared on the Sgt. Pepper’s album cover.

The album artwork was, of course, designed by Sir Peter Blake so it is appropriate that these are being displayed in the Blake’s restaurant window (the Superlambanana has gone out to pasture for a while) at Hard Days Night Hotel.

David and Eirin Hallangen-Lake and their band of volunteers have been working round the clock to create around 100 special Mankey Monkeys which have been sponsored by various local companies to raise money for the Alder Hey Imagine Appeal. The Monkeys should all be in place very soon then there will be maps available to help people locate them but it will also be a lot of fun just to spot them unexpectedly.

The Fab Eight!
The Fab Eight!