basement XIII

c. Susan Leask
c. Susan Leask

There have been occasional exhibitions in the basement of 6 Huskisson Street since 1996, this is the thirteenth and is the first time I have visited. As basements go, it’s massive which is a good thing as the organisers have built up a loyal following over the years and many were there for the preview on Friday night. There are several ‘rooms’ and a long corridor, all bare walls – brick or breezeblock.

The four artists, Susan Leask, Margaretha Schöning, Sandra Zareth (from Cologne) , Maria Luiza Pyrlik (from Krakow) worked closely alongside each other for two weeks making new works that respond to the basement environment.

Previously in 2008 they spent a week together in a studio in the Bluecoat as guests of Eight Days a Week so this is part 2 of the project.

Basement XIII
24 October 2009 – 7 November 2009 (appointment only)

Basement Gallery
6 Huskisson Street, Liverpool L8 7LP
Further information/View by appointment 0151 707 0375 / 0151 709 8246

c. Sandra Zarth
c. Sandra Zarth


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