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‘Bad Art For Bad People’ Ends Sunday March 4

Jake-and-Dinos-Chapman-Inju.jpg Jake-and-Dinos-Chapman-Arbe.jpg

Just realised that the Jake and Dinos Chapman exhibition at Tate Liverpool ends on this Sunday, March 4 2007.

I enjoyed the show overall, there’s a lot to see but like most big name retrospective type shows a lot of its familiar, either seen in other galleries or so often in the media. I think its been very popular judging by the crowds there the last couple of times I’ve visited and general feedback from various sources

Jake and Dinos Chapman are leading British contemporary artists who came to prominence during the 1990s as part of the generation of so-called YBAs (Young British Artists). Since that time they have created a substantial, highly intelligent and challenging body of work that addresses the very heart of human experience and moral behaviour.

They interrogate what we value as art, questioning the widely held view that the purpose of art is to be morally redemptive or socially edifying. They ask us to consider what we see as good or bad art – whether ‘bad’ art really is made by or for bad people – and to probe the assumptions that underlie established aesthetic criteria. They frequently employ subversive strategies through which they question the role of the artist and the complicity of the viewing audience.

Bad Art For Bad People‘ by Jake and Dinos Chapman at Tate Liverpool December 15 2006 to March 4 2007