AudioVision 2008 Launch


Finally getting back into long walks around the city galleries, been spending far too much time sitting in front of the PC lately. So last night I was at Static in Roscoe Lane for the start of AudioVision, the big av fest commissioned by the Culture Company for this year and featuring people such as NOMO, Jacqueline Passmore. Addictive TV and Kinetic Fallacy.

It was a ‘bike-in’ at Static and Dr. Bike was there doing repairs before a series of bicycle-related short independent films were screened followed by a moonlit ride down to Mann Island to watch the projected installation onto the fa├žade of the Mersey Tunnel 1930’s Air Vent.

I missed out the films and bike ride I’m afraid (yes, I really am afraid of riding a bike on proper roads with big trucks passing within a few centimetres) but the projections look great, difficult to get a decent photo in the dark but there’s some good ones on the SCAN blog

You can see them from quite a distance and they should be running from 20.00 to 24.00 each evening this week. Then on Saturday 20 September there’s the final Free event with live music etc.

There’s also a music event at the Bluecoat on Wednesday 18 September featuring The Smith Quartet


Full details on the av website