Arts for Women at LCAD


Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD) have been working in partnership with Arts for Women encouraging local women to learn new skills and build confidence through a range of art forms, culminating in an Art Exhibition called “Breaking Down Barriers”. The exhibition has a viewing on Thursday May 1st 2008 at LCAD from 18.00 – 20.00 then is open to the public (by appointment) for one week.

Arts for Women is run by Elaine Stapleton who organised the course for about 20 women. I called in on Wednesday when they were all busy with artist Jo Derbyshire practicing their painting and collage skills – some promising work there.

The previous week they had been working on sculpture with Gaynor Sweeney and the first week they had produced some excellent photography assisted by Elaine Stapleton.

I got the impression that not only were the women really enjoying the course but that they had benefited a great deal from it. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

All the resulting work will be on display around the building on Thursday evening.


Elaine Stapleton: