Artists & Identity at the Grange

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From Garston on Saturday we moved onto Sefton Park where the large Victorian house known as Ullet Grange was welcoming a large crowd of people for the opening of the latest exhibition ‘Artists & Identity’ curated by Nicole Bartos.

A very good collection of works by 7 artists in the downstairs rooms, the hallway, staircase and landing. There are still several works from previous exhibitions in the other rooms.

The artists: Sue Ironfield, John Minnion, Tracy Lewis, Nicole Bartos, Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz, Sarah Nicholson, Xia Lu.

Sue Ironfield creates what she calls ‘Harmonic Paintings’ and provides several pages of text explaining ‘cosmic harmony’, ‘proportionality of the overtone row’, Golden Sections etc. which I don’t pretend to understand but I like the paintings and one includes chimes which you are welcome to play gently.

One of Tracy Lewis’s huge dried-flower creations welcomes visitors in the lobby area and there are more up the staircase at the top of which you will see John Minnion’s black and white caricatures and illustrations. He has a few books published now with another called ‘Pool of Life’ out soon – its about Liverpool and its people of course.


I particularly like the room with Sarah Nicholson’s pastels and Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz’s paintings, they go well together.
Xia Lu’s Chinese style paintings are always a pleasure to see and for this show Nicole, always prepared to try something different, has produced a set of photographs of her own shadow.

There were also performances on the day by musicians, poets and a puppet theatre. A lovely atmosphere and pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon / evening.

Viewing of the exhibition at The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool is by appointment.
Details at Gallery4AllArts