Articles of Hope, Adornments for Justice


A very interesting exhibition of ‘Campaign Jewellery’ is in the Met Quarter until 15 November 2009.

The pieces are beautifully crafted and displayed. Not always practical for wearing but artworks and examples of the jeweller’s design skills.

The exhibition first took place in Manchester earlier this year and came to Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Design Festival.

Full details of the artists and works are on the website

Extract from the concept statement…
Jewellery, now so often the domain of frivolous decoration through mass production, seldom is imbibed with such meaning or significance. Campaign jewellery however, maintains a call for action on matters of social importance. “Jewellery with a Conscience” carries marks of allegiance: social, religious or ethical and political persuasions for the wearer but also seeks to provoke, challenge and educate the viewer.

With this in mind Manchester Jewellers Network, inspired by the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2008, present their new exhibition “Articles of Hope, Adornments for Justice.” Through the medium of Art Jewellery eleven members have interpreted eleven Articles from the UDHR to create unusual, individual and often, personal jewellery pieces. Here material value is secondary to design and creativity. The focus of meaning and symbolism through carefully chosen medium serves the concept and intention to illicit a response. Fundamental themes and issues addressed in the work include freedom of choice, hunger, industrial disease, and access to medicine, the female right to vote, slavery, knife crime and China’s rule over Tibet.

We invite you, the viewer, to approach with an open mind and ask that you might question and consider what kind of adornment of allegiance you would wear? What human right would you seek to defend? Our “Campaign Jewellery” exhibition carries no specific vehicle through which to raise funds or donate to a worthy cause but we would like to signpost the viewer to the work of the many Human Rights organizations whose principle purpose is to fight for a freer and fairer world. We urge you to support them and share in our collective responsibility to protect the human in making justice, fairness, freedom and truth a reality.

Rowena Golton, Concept Author

Exhibiting as part of the Liverpool Design Festival at:
The Met Quarter, 35 Whitechapel, Liverpool, L1 6DA
2nd Nov – 15th Nov 2009

Opening times
Monday to Saturday and 9.30am to 6pm
Thursday late night to 7pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

Brooch by Rowena Golton
Brooch by Rowena Golton
Ring by Anne Hawley
Ring by Anne Hawley


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