Arthur Roberts at Cornerstone

Arthur Roberts
Last night it looked like half of Liverpool including several clergy had come to the Cornerstone gallery to see Arthur Roberts solo exhibition but it turned out there were four events on the same night and only a small proportion were there to see the artworks. Which is a shame because these bright bold canvases are well worth taking some time to inspect.
You may well have seen Arthur’s colourful, geometric, abstract acrylics in other galleries including the Loop gallery in recent times, these are new works but don’t differ greatly in style. They are geometric shapes but they reference the natural world; suns, moons, rivers, horizons etc.
There are also a group of site-specific drawings entitled ‘Single in-line memory’ , they are on the mezzanine floor and shamefully, I completely forgot to look at them. I’ll go back later they sound interesting.

Arthur will be giving a talk about his latest work on Tuesday November 8th at 13.00 in Room 113. Free entry.

‘Space and Time, new paintings and drawings’ by Arthur Roberts at the Cornerstone, Hope Uni until December 2nd 2005.