Art & Vegie Burgers

An interesting and busy day today. I met a group of very nice Austrian artists who are here researching a video project they’re planning for early next year, take a look at their website: Die Fabrikanten
Then I took a look at the Steve McQueen exhibition in Microzine which I’ve already mentioned. This evening it was the Ropewalks photography exhibition at the Renew Rooms then further down the road ‘The Factory of Dreams’ at Open Eye, finally a dash up to Static to take a look at the book launch and new coffee bar.
But I don’t feel up to saying much about any of this right now because I made the mistake of buying a chip shop 1/2 lb Vegie Burger on the way home. Big mistake, I want to go to sleep but my stomach won’t let me.
I’ll say more about the exhibitions another time.


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