Art Merseywide at Conservation Centre

Kerry Lisa Davies


Billy Cupboard
Billy Cupboard

This is probably the final exhibition at the National Conservation Centre and has been cut short as National Museums Liverpool restructure to cope with the recently announced cuts in funding. There have been many excellent exhibitions here in recent years, mostly photographic and I think this is only the second exhibtion showing works selected from the Liverpool Region boroughs’ Open shows.

The Region covers 6 areas: Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Halton, Knowsley and St Helens, the arts officers have chosen 9 works from each making a total of 54 artworks.

It’s a good exhibition showing a wide variety of styles and media but giving a nice snapshot of the current art scene across the region.

Art Merseywide at The National Conservation Centre, Liverpool
24 September 2010 – 31 October 2010

Full list of artists:


Rosemary Morison
Leandra Holder
Amy Russell
David Grimbleby
Nathan Pendlebury
Sue Aigelsreiter
Joel Penkman
Tony Smith
Grant Searl


Alan Edwards
Robert Goldsborough
Sherilyn Halligan
Rachael Howard
Vincent Lavell
Rose McCullagh
Susan Stevens
George Thompson
Winston Smith

St Helens

Kerry Lisa Davies
Sonya Lyon
Bary Cooper
Paul Cousins
George Murphy
Denise Dent
Mary Roscoe
Steve Bonati
Elizabeth Culley


Val Jackson
Stephanie Bennett
Greg Fuller
Peter Bold
Matthew Clarke
Jane Copeman
Billy Cupboard
Claire Weetman
Amanda Oliphant


Claire Curran
Robert T. Davies
Granville Atherton
Derek Corlett
Peter Philip
Paul Romano
Tony Wells
Sheila Turner
Alan Smith


Patricia McDonald
SK Stevens  (Susan Karen Stevens)
Leonard Tran
Graham Webb
Peter Marchant
Roy Munday
Will Simmons
Maureen Dawkins
George O’ Brien

Stephanie Bennett
Stephanie Bennett
Tony Smith
Tony Smith
Rose McCullagh
Rose McCullagh