Art in the Park – Calderstones


Calderstones is a beautiful park, especially at this time of year with the gardens in full bloom and a delightful art exhibition in the old Coach House.  What better way to spend a sunny afternoon?

There’s a Heron perched at the edge of the lake too, lots of families (well, mostly oldies looking after the Grand-kids – spotted Derek Hatton doing just that) all manner of pedigrree pets – I think they were dogs but not entirely sure about some of them.

There’s always an exhibition of some sort in the Coach House and the current one is by the Art From The Square group of artists (they used to exhibit in Clayton Sq., hence the name). Really good artists, especially watercolours, drawing, oils and pastels, plenty of local scenes, animals and still lifes – you know the sort of thing. They get plenty of visitors too.

Participating artists are:
Ann Beare, Peter Betts, Deborah Butler, Mary Campbell, Sarah Denvir, George Drought, Liz Fielding, Dennis Green, Mike Hatjoulis, Sandra Hepworth, Grace Horne, Martin Jones, Christine O’ Reilly Wilson, Peter Philip, Kevin Reilly, John Ratcliffe, Brian Roe, Eddie Scott Jones, David Shiers, Cathy Turner.

Art in the Park
18 August – 6 September 2009 (Open daily 10.00 – 17.00)

The Coach House, Calderstones Park




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