Art at The Quarter

roy mccarthyThere’s always nice artwork on the walls of the Quarter cafe in Falkner St. and most of it is for sale. They have recently swapped out the excellent and popular Elaine Preece Stanley for new works by Roy McCarthy. They are completely abstract works using mostly shades of red. Roy says of his work..

“A lot of my work goes through many incarnations before I arrive at what I’m looking for – most get scratched out and painted over again ten or twenty times before they are finished. Usually a little piece from each layer creeps through, adding to the texture and the feeling that this is something that has some history. I make the paintings using household paint, tile grout, hammerite, car paints, floor varnish and anything else I can get my hands on”
You can see more of Roy’s work at the recently opened Almiro Gallery in Waterloo.

Also on show are some mixed media on canvas works by Nicole Bartos which are nice lighter shades. Then there’s Andrew Dawson’s photographs in the back room which have been there a while.


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