Arena Art Fair


I called into the latest of the monthly weekend Art Fairs at Arena Gallery in Duke St. yesterday morning. They are organised by Roy Munday who has a studio there. One problem he has is that they have to fit in with the exhibition schedule so the fairs are not always on the same weekend of the month but as word spreads more people and customers are turning up. Obviously all the work is for sale at reasonable prices and there’s some good stuff by Roy, Sarah Richards, Tony Smith, Gareth Jones, Nick Turner and others.
The next fairs are scheduled for Sept 10/11th and Oct 22/23rd. Open 10-17.00 each day.


  1. Have you heard of the Parr street artist community?
    (50 Parr St. Liverpool)
    Lots of great artists there including Peter Cameron (3 times koestler award winner/ winner of mervin peake award)
    you should check it out. you can just pop into their studio and they’d be happy to show you around.


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