Annual Exhibition at the Bridewell


So after getting soaking wet on our trek around the waterfront in the morning it was good the evening weather was a lot better as we had 3 galleries to visit. Starting at Rennies in Bold Street we saw Doug Hyde who is one of the biggest selling artists in the UK, signing some of his pictures. It was early and there was already a queue, great to see an artist doing so well.

Then over at the Liverpool Academy of Arts in Seel Street, Anthony and Nathan Pendlebury were doing quite well too, lots of red dots appearing next to their paintings. I even bought one myself which is a very rare event. But they are seriously good, especially Anthony’s – he’s the Dad and Nathan is the lad.

Back across town (taxi this time) for the opening of the Bridewell’s Annual Exhibition. This is where the resident artists get to show off their own work. More very good stuff, I didn’t take notes and don’t have full details of names etc. so that will have to wait for another time. The picture above is of a work by the sculpture Tony Evans.
The exhibition runs until October 12 2007