Anne Frank & You – At Liverpool Cathedral

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A good but rather depressing exhibition this. Quotes from Anne Frank’s diary on the walls show that not a lot has changed after 60 years.
‘One day this terrible war will be over. The time will come when we will be people and not just Jews’.
Replace ‘Jews’ with various races, religions, tribes etc. and so it goes on.
Lots of videos of today’s Children talking about their experiences. Pictures and artifacts including a facsimile of the diary are on display.

Through the story of Anne Frank, this exhibition aims to provide inclusive events and programmes for schools (ages 9-15) and the wider community that:

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Challenge hatred (racial, religious …)

promote freedom of speech and democracy

inform about the holocaust

relate the story to modern Liverpool


“Anne Frank + You” is a dramatic multimedia exhibition created by the Anne Frank Trust with contributions from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and Oscar winning film director, John Blair. At the very heart of the exhibition, is Anne Frank’s courageous spirit, translated through her words, wisdom and values. It explores the Holocaust and then relates this to issues that young people encounter in today’s society, including racism in football, bullying, the plight of child soldiers and the right to wear religious clothing. This is effectively achieved through photographs and interviews with teenagers.

The exhibition takes place in the Nave Well of the Cathedral between 5 January – 7 February 2008.

Closed during Cathedral Services held in the main space.

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