AND Festival – Water Piano

Water Piano by Peter Appleton
Water Piano by Peter Appleton

Another piece from the AND Festival, this is delightful. Next to the entrance to FACT under a gazebo, it is not always easy to hear above the noise of traffic and people but it does sound really nice. It looks best in the dark with the lights on too.

AND – PUBLIC SPACE: Peter Appleton – Water piano
Ropewalks Square, FACT

Water piano is one of a series of electro-acoustic pieces which explore various ways of producing sound from the chime bar of a Chinese toy piano. The water strikes the highly amplified rods causing rhythmic and melodic patterns. Movement in front of the piece causes the column of water to fill increasing the speed of the rythmn. This series forms part of the ongoing enquiry into the production of sound and music from minute interactions between kinetic elements of wind rain, sun and highly sensitive instruments and transducers.


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