An Extraordinary Journey


Not such an extraordinary journey for us, we just went to the Cornerstone gallery via the Linda McCartney Centre and the Roald Dahl Centre at Royal Liverpool Hospital.
You may recall one of Barbara Jones‘s ‘Micro-scope Particles’ prints featured as our artwork of the day when the exhibition at the two RLH centres opened last month.
Its a shame its not easier to get a proper look at the Linda McCartney centre, there’s too many obstacles pushed in front of the pictures.

The Roald Dahl centre is better, we’ve visited it a few times just to see the artwork. Professor Toh who runs the place is a great believer in the positive effects of art so you can see a few interesting artworks as well as Barbara’s prints which are monochrome here.

Officially this exhibition ends on November 30 2007 but I suspect the pictures will be there for a while longer.

An Extraordinary Journey
In this year of heritage, An Extraordinary Journey is an opportunity to acknowledge significant Merseyside innovations in health and social care that have improved people’s lives, not only here but throughout the world.

An Extraordinary Journey will highlight this important aspect of Liverpool’s past, raise awareness of current innovators and inspire aspirations about living and working in a healthy Liverpool.


Kitty Wilkinson, pioneer of public washhouses; Evan Thomas, a founder of the speciality of orthopaedics; and Thomas Fresh, the first Environmental Health Officer are amongst the many responsible for Merseyside’s impressive record of new ideas in health care, as well as innovative projects promoting well-being in the community.
More details on the liverpool08 website