An Arty Launch for Liverpool’s Mega Topshop

Artist Dave Poland with one of his paintings
Artist Dave Poland with one of his paintings

We don’t often review the openings of high street shops but the slightest hint of a visual art element and we’re there before you can say ‘high waist ankle grazers’.

So the biggest Topshop / Topman outside of London opened today in Church Street, Liverpool. It’s on the corner of that thoroughfare that links ye olde city centre with the all new Liverpool ONE. It’s massive and includes a hair salon, beauty spa and style advisors.

You may recall we advertised the call for artists to add designs to the central walls. There was a great reponse and Skelmersdale based artist, Dave Poland, was selected to carry out the work.  If you use the lift or stairs you can see his works all along the walls running from the basement up to the top floor.

There were keywords that he was asked to use as inspiration for the design of the Topshop section: Fashion, Youth, Colourful, Stylish and Avant Garde.
For Topman, the inspiration words were: Authoritative, Edgy, Surprising, Inspiring, Vivid and Sub-Culture.

He only had about a week to complete the project but he had help from family and friends and says he enjoyed it and it was useful experience. He should certainly get plenty of exposure and he deserves it, I think the art is well executed, fits the criteria and would look just as good on any gallery wall.

There is also a pop-up Leaf Tea Shop there for this opening weekend – so you can grab tea and cake whilst you consider the plethora of style choices that surround you.

topman-art-2 topman-art-3